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Expect more than just guidance; expect transformation.
Expect more than just conversations; expect breakthroughs.

At WhatsTheFear, we understand that life’s challenges are as unique as you are. It’s a path often blocked by fears, uncertainties, and past experiences. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering tailored coaching programs that cater to a spectrum of needs—whether you’re overcoming heartbreak, overcoming fears and insecurities, seeking healing as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, or striving to reach your professional zenith.

Our personalized coaching programs offer something traditional therapy often misses: real compassion, deep connection, and teamwork to help you overcome challenges and reach your goals. 

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Take the first step towards transforming your life.

Growth Coaching

The Fearless Evolution

Do you find doubting yourself constantly and questioning your abilities? Overcome inner criticism, fears and insecurities, and negative self-talk.

Wellnes Coaching

The Road
To Success

Seeking guidance on setting and achieving personal and professional goals? Need to overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or limiting beliefs?

Wellnes Coaching

The Healing Journey

Anxiety, depression, and trauma can make life feel like an uphill battle. We're committed to supporting you in this journey, offering practical tools.




12+ Years of Human Behavior & Psychology

12+ Years Knowledge Of Philosophy

12+ Years of Spiritual Wisdom

12+ Years of Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

12+ Years of Cognitive Behavioral Re-conditioning

Overcome Fears and Unlock Potential

The Fearless Evolution

Feel like you’re on the brink of greatness but can’t seem to take the leap due to invisible restraints? Our empowerment coaching path is here to change just that. You’ll discover strategies to shift your mindset and find the courage within to chase your dreams fearlessly.

Heal Your Emotional Wounds

The Healing Journey: Recover & Rebuild Post Narcissistic Abuse

The wounds left from narcissistic abuse can be deep and lasting. We provide a sanctuary for your recovery. Our coaching program for survivors is a nurturing space where you can heal and sow the seeds for a tranquil, fulfilling future.

Foster Success and Personal Growth

The Road To Success

Ambitious young professionals can find themselves at crossroads, unsure of the next steps towards success. We’re here to illuminate that path, with personalized coaching that bolsters not just professional growth, but enriches you personally.

How It


Flow Chart - Whats The Fear
Flow Chart - Whats The Fear

Endless possibilities await. Let's take the first step together.

We look forward to being a part of your fearless journey towards growth, healing, and success. Remember, at WhatsTheFear Coaching, transformation is not just a possibility – it's a promise.

What Clients Can Expect:


Holistic Approach


Emotional Support

Unconventional Guidance

Results Oriented

Fearless Mindset | Ronak Bhatt

Our Approach

Founded by the visionary Ronak Bhatt, MBA, CPA, WhatsTheFear has become a source of transformation and empowerment. Known for his innate ability to decipher complex problems, Ronak swiftly emerged as a thought leader. While his expertise in public accounting had him advising numerous entrepreneurs and leaders, his heart always gravitated towards personal connections and human stories. Beyond the numbers, Ronak discovered his true calling: guiding individuals to discover their purpose, nurture self-worth, and craft a life abundant in meaning.

Our Offerings Include

Four Pillars of Well-being: A holistic inside-out approach

Four Pillars of Well-being

A holistic inside-out approach


To lead a life of significance, self-awareness and acceptance are paramount. Own your story, shed past resentments...

Value-Based Decisions

Break free from fear and uncertainty by aligning your decisions with your values...

Critical Thinking

Understanding one's motivations and the world around us is liberating. By cultivating an inquisitive mind...

The Power of Positivity

Shifting your perspective doesn't just shield against fears; it invites growth opportunities. Welcoming belief...



Path To Success

Working hard to improve time management, productivity, and work-life balance? Seeking guidance on setting and achieving personal and professional goals? Need to overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or limiting beliefs? Longing for motivation and encouragement to stay on track with your goals? If this is you, then we have designed a framework just for you:

Path To Success Package:


Dream Outcome:



Path Towards inner peace & strength

Do you desire to seek relief from persistent feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression? Struggling to cope with and manage daily life challenges? Striving to improve emotional resilience, self-esteem, and overall mental well-being? Doing everything in your power to recover from heartbreak, trauma, or narcissistic abuse but it still hurts? Then this package is designed just for you:

Discover Emotional Healing


Dream Outcome



path To your Authentic Self

Struggling with fear of failure or rejection? Do you experience social anxiety when trying new things? Are you constantly doubting yourself, trying to quit the negative self-talk, or feeling not good enough? If so, triumph over fears, insecurities, self-doubt, negative thought patterns, and the constraints of limiting beliefs with our rapid transformational coaching.

Self-Reinvention Package


Dream Outcome

Some Life changing


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Chase Your Dreams
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