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Employers, Entrepreneurs, and Executives

Overcome their fears, master their mind, and heal their emotional wounds to become the fearless leaders that they’re born to be.


After working with 100’s of executives, entrepreneurs, and employers and helping them transform into the great leaders.

We know exactly how to generate productivity and refine your leadership style within weeks, and create an environment of trust in personal and professional connections. We help you eliminates the fears of failures, thoughts of being not good enough,and stress and anxiety that comes with managing teams and making tough decisions by adopting a bulletproof mindset so you can lead your business, team, and your family with conviction so you can FOCUS your time and energy on things that matter the most to you, experience inner peace, and enjoy your success.

Once we lead ourselves to the solution, we can leave a trial for others to follow….

If you’re sick of the same old routine, stagnation and procrastination, days full of anxiety and stress, hoping and waiting with your fingers crossed that somehow things will change, we’re so glad you’re on this page…

Imagine being so confident in yourself that you don’t doubt or second guess yourself. No matter what your challenge or problem is, you have the tools, strategies, and the right mindset to quickly overcome obstacles and feeling good while making tough decisions.

Coming From Fear and Doubt To Demanding Success in Your Career

Working with the best strategies in the world to unlock your potential instead of faking your personality

Separating Yourself From The Rest By Learning Yourself The Best and Grow Into the Becoming One of The Greats

Giving You A Proven Blueprint & Framework To Convert Potential Into Purpose

Defining Your Values, Crafting Your Leadership Style, & Setting The Right Tone In Your Work and Life

All While Getting Personalized Support for When Shit Hits The Fan and Life Happens

THE OLD WAY (Therapy)

THE NEW WAY (WhatsTheFear)

Thinking Out Loud Thoughts

Dream Outcome and How We Get There


We Help People Transform Into The Best Versions of Themselves So They Can Lead Hear Them Share Their Amazing Results

Hear Them Share Their Amazing Results

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Allow us to introduce you to Ronak Bhatt: an author, visionary entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and the driving force behind WhatsTheFear. Ronak made the courageous decision to transition from a thriving finance career and the corporate world to pursue a profound calling in the realms of leadership and transformational coaching.

Ronak Bhatt is an ex-corporate executive and a passionate entrepreneur with a Masters of Business Adminsitration (MBA) – he aspired to create a solution to the challenges that he experienced in his career. He worked for top 10 public accounting firms as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and prior to that, he worked as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for private equity group and consulted prominent business leaders, C-Suite executives, and influencers, igniting their journeys towards realizing their highest potential.

His personal experience with the corporate world makes it easy for him to grasp and understand the challenges that business leaders face and innate gift of empathetic listening combined with his coaching expertise has served as a guiding light to unlock transformation in countless lives.